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How to Choose Best Vacation Destination

Choose Best Vacation Destination

“The first thing to understand if you’re thinking “where should I go on vacation?” is the motivation that drives you to leave and what you’re looking for. Knowing whether you only need rest or if you’re instead looking for new cultural stimuli can be a starting point in choosing the best vacation destination for you. Explore a wide range of options on to find the perfect getaway that meets your preferences and desires.

Depending on the time of year you’re in, your experiences, and your level of tiredness, you may consider different types of trips.”

Different needs For Best Vacation Destination

“If you travel several times a year, perhaps each time you have a specific motivation and therefore look for different types of trips. Or maybe your preferences always remain the same.

Other times, however, you have multiple needs to satisfy with the same trip, maybe the only one of the year. Often my clients ask me to combine a part of a tour with a part of relaxation.

Moreover, the same motivation can lead to different choices. For example, depending on a personal point of view, for a relaxing vacation, one can mean sunbathing on the beach or hiking in the mountains.”

5 aspects to consider

“Digging deeper into your personal needs and preferences means not stopping at the first indications, but discovering what will make a difference for you during your vacation. It means not only asking yourself if you prefer the sea or the mountains, relaxation, or a traveling trip but investigating more deeply to understand how you want to experience your travel.

Here are the aspects you should consider to understand what you are looking for and then choose where to go on vacation:”

1) Why do you want to leave

“What is the reason that drives you to go on vacation? What do you want to do with your holiday period?
To rest, see new places, increase your knowledge, meet people, and get in touch with local populations?
Or do you have a special occasion to celebrate and want to do it big by going to an unusual destination?
Are you the kind of person who feels the need to disconnect from everything and escape to some faraway place to focus on yourself at least once a year? Maybe in the middle of nature where there’s no wifi? Depending on your motivation and needs, some destinations are more suitable than others.”

2) What type of vacation do you prefer For Best Vacation Destination

“When you imagine your next trip, are you looking forward to arriving at your hotel and immediately throwing yourself on the beach or in the pool to stay there until the end of the vacation? Or does the idea of staying still already make you feel bored?
One of the first choices to make about the type of vacation is whether to stay in one location or opt for an itinerary, perhaps for a fly-and-drive.

Fly-and-drive destinations offer excursions, sports activities, and cultural visits, and in any case allow you not to get bored. For others, you need to be a lover of “doing nothing”!
Do you prefer a quiet location or a more lively one?

Then there is the choice between different types of accommodation (village, guesthouse, apartment, etc.) and treatment: do you prefer to have only breakfast included so that you are free to manage your days or are you a fan of all-inclusive?

And finally, generally, when choosing where to go on vacation, do you ask yourself which destination is “trendy” or do you aim for lesser-known destinations where you won’t find anyone?”

3) Who are you leaving with?

“Of course, all of these aspects should be considered for each traveler, and it is not always easy to reconcile everyone’s requests. Often compromises will have to be made, both in families and among friends, and it will be necessary to find a point of agreement.

In any case, we must also take into account our travel companions when choosing where to go. For example, there are destinations more suitable for family vacations, and others where you can find peace without children around. Or particularly romantic destinations for couples traveling together.

Finally, even if we decide to travel alone, some destinations are preferable to others or types of travel that can be enjoyed better.”

4) What do you like to do on vacation

Another way to choose the destination for your vacation is to consider your interests because some destinations offer more opportunities than others for recreational activities, leisure, sports, or particular excursions.

For example, if you are passionate about photography, you will want to search for particular landscapes or unusual subjects. Not to mention that taking photos while traveling requires different times and often patient travel companions (going back to the previous point)!

Or if you love trekking, of course, we have to choose destinations that offer this type of itinerary and exclude others.

You would be surprised to know how many people want to pursue their hobbies even on vacation, from gym enthusiasts to collectors of strange objects…

5) What services must not be missing

“If you have particular needs or are looking for high-quality standards, you will need to be very careful in choosing the right destination. Not all countries offer the same level of accommodations.

Or simply in a certain destination, you may not find the type of structure or attraction you are looking for. For example, not all the Caribbean islands offer all-inclusive resorts, not all European cities offer interesting museums to visit, and not all hotels have Michelin-starred restaurants.

In other cases, it is the location that makes the difference: do you prefer a hotel a few steps from shops and restaurants but far from the beach, or a slightly isolated resort with a beautiful beach? Sometimes you have to compromise!

This is also why it is always very important to understand what is the element or service that must not be missing for you: to use it as a compass in evaluating the places to go on vacation.”

“How to choose where to go on vacation
Step 2: Evaluate possible destinations

Once you have defined your needs, the next step in choosing where to go on vacation is to verify that the possible destinations you have in mind have the characteristics that satisfy your requirements.

The destination you had in mind does not always correspond to your imagination and your idea of a perfect vacation.
Or sometimes several destinations satisfy your needs but in different ways, such as in the case of trips in search of the northern lights. It can be sighted in different countries, but each one could offer a different experience.

To choose where to go, technical knowledge is required, that is, knowing what type of tourist offer is present in those destinations.

Where to go on vacation
What to evaluate in a tourist destination
It is not enough to be inspired or guided by your instinct to evaluate a tourist destination.
It is not even enough to rely on the opinion of friends this is often risky because you could be influenced by a choice that should instead consider your specificity.

If you do not want to make the wrong choice, it is important to evaluate all these aspects of each destination you are considering:

the tourist and environmental resources
the accommodation facilities it offers
the activities that can be carried out (cultural visits, sports, nature excursions, etc.)
the services you can find in the structure but also in the immediate vicinity and in general in the country
its local population
how to move between various locations
the level of safety.

Population of Thailand
How to narrow down possible destinations
If you cannot decide between many different possibilities or if you have no idea of possible places to go on vacation, you can also consider these elements, which will allow you to exclude some destinations and focus on others:

number of days at your disposal
maximum budget for this trip
For example, if you only have a week of vacation including travel days, you cannot choose destinations that are too far away or require a challenging tour. Otherwise, your trip will be stressful.
Similarly, your budget could limit the options available.


Finally, choosing the right period is also important for an optimal experience: for each month of the year, there are destinations more suitable than others. Not only for the climate but also for the experiences that can only be done in a certain period.
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Sources of Information

When you start to be interested in the destination of your next trip, what do you do first?
Do you search online or buy a guidebook?
Do you ask friends if they have been there?
Or do you go directly to a travel agency?
We often do all these things and try to compare the information collected.
Certainly, there is no shortage of opportunities to document, read, and watch videos… Maybe sometimes there is not enough time!
Perhaps sometimes there is too much information and you get lost among sites, opinions, and fake offers.

When you search online, what sources of information do you use?
It is very easy to come across untruthful or simply very subjective content. What is less impartial than holiday feedback? Maybe the taste for food… which is often mentioned in travel reviews too: “the food at that hotel is monotonous and terrible.” Or worse: “the food in Thailand is bad!”

Pad Thai
Pad Thai, one of my favorite dishes (in general)

Said like this, it seems easy to identify the subjective point of view, but in reality, everything we read influences our judgment, or rather, prejudice.

Then there are official sources of information: tourism boards, the most valid trade magazines, and experts such as travel agents and consultants, for whom tourist destinations are daily bread.
But be careful, even in these


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