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Luxury Travel Mom

Travel consultant in the Luxury Travel sector, a 5-star job

Indulge in luxury travel with Luxury Travel Mom, your 5-star travel consultant on! Experience the pinnacle of hospitality with exclusive hotel deals and personalized travel experiences.

She has indeed chosen to specialize in Luxury Travel, and the facts are already proving her right. In just two months, she has already closed many (excellent) contracts.

This a real record, considering that for an online travel consultant, the initial phase is usually that of sowing. Followed then by plentiful harvests.

She skipped the stages. But the result is not accidental: “Thanks to the training, my team leaders, and the entire structure behind Evolution Travel,” explains Stefania.

Originally from Bari, she moved to Milan in 2001, bringing with her a passion for travel. At 18, she had already visited much of Europe.”

From Piazza Affari to the activity of a travel consultant

“an achievement tax legal professional, she worked for years at Piazza Affari. In the meantime, she persevered to tour the sector.

The turning point came in 2011 when she met Niccolò. It was love at first sight. And adventure trips turned into 5-star vacations: “Although – Stefania clarifies – the real luxury is being able to travel, meet new people and places. To have new experiences”.

At some point, she decided to say enough about her successful career. She resigned and changed her life.

Since 2013, Stefania has been living in Florence, her husband’s city. In 2016, she became the mother of a beautiful little girl.

Without forgetting her great passions: her dogs – two Italian hounds and a mixed breed – and spearfishing.

In the meantime, she realized her dreams: organizing trips – becoming a travel consultant – and opening a blog.”

The video interview with Stefania Specchiulli

“In this video interview, Stefania explains why she chose Evolution Travel. She talks about the many advantages it offers, starting with training.

She explains the secrets that allow her to successfully carry out the activity of an online travel consultant.

Let’s listen to her: she has a beautiful story to tell. And she offers interesting insights for those who intend to carry out this activity.

Which – it is worth remembering – gives a great advantage. Namely, maximum freedom and autonomy.

For the online travel consultant, all that is needed is a PC and an Internet connection to work. Anywhere, at any time.”



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