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The Best Birthday Gifts for Travelers

15 Gifts for Travelers and where to find them

Here you will find a series of ideas that I have compiled based on some products that I could never do without, that have been gifted to me, that I would like to receive, and that I would in turn like to give. 15 Gifts for Travelers for serial travelers, your loved ones who can’t wait to get on a plane or hit the road without a destination, just to taste a bit of freedom again, that freedom that we have missed more than anything else this year.

1. Subscription to a travel magazine

gifts travelers
gifts for travelers
The gift for curious travelers.

For those who are always looking for new destinations to discover. The suitcase is one of my favorite travel magazines along with Condé Nast Traveler, and they have been my salvation in these months of confinement. It is a highly appreciated gift because it is like giving a faraway escape every quarter.

2. Travel headphones with noise canceling

gifts travelers
gifts for travelers
The gift for travelers who need their own space.

Noise cancellation has become an essential element of the latest generation headphones/earphones, and it is crucial for those who need to avoid distractions or simply background noise while listening to music or working. They are particularly suitable for use in noisy places, as is often the case in an airplane cabin: think of a long-haul flight with a noisy engine or constant chatter. Never again without them. The most popular are the Sony WH – 1000XM4 or the new AirPods Max.

3. Travel garment bag/organizer

gifts for travelers
The gift for organized travelers.
They come in all shapes and colors and are very useful for those who live with a suitcase in hand. My favorites are the Muji travel garment bags, super practical allowing you to organize the space perfectly without ever ending up with wrinkled clothes.

4. Travel kit

The gift for travelers who don’t give up their habits.
For travel kits for body care, Aesop offers 3 types: Departure, Arrival, and Rome versions. Practical travel-sized kits for passionate explorers, to always have everything they need with them.

5. Wearable smartphone covers:

The gift for multitasking travelers. The convenience of having hands-free and a smartphone on the arm, ready for use for any need, whether it’s taking a photo, shooting a video, or checking the itinerary on the map. I love the colors of the German brand XouXou.”

6. Leather travel cable organizer:

The gift for hi-tech travelers.
It’s the perfect accessory to save earphones and various chargers from the general tangle that occurs when they are stored in a bag. They come in many colors and are super comfortable and customizable. I found them here.
Gifts for travelers.

7. Instant camera / Instax Fuji film:

Gifts for romantic travelers.

The fastest way to capture memories, whether they are from a trip or a special event. Selfies of happiness, my favorite is the Fuji film Instax Square SQ1 because I love the 1:1 square format of the film, but there are options for all tastes.

8. Travel Power Bank Pantone

Gifts for always-connected travelers.

A burst of colors for Pantone’s Travel edition power banks, super useful when traveling to always have maximum charge! They come in a version with 2500mAh or more powerful ones with 6000mAh.

9. Crumpled City Map

Ideal gifts for a forgetful traveler.

100% Waterproof, indestructible, and with a unique design, these are the Palomar Crumpled maps, now also customizable with your choice of logo, images, and text for a decidedly personal gift!

10. Smartphone lenses

Gifts for creative travelers.

Specific lenses enhance the potential of photos taken with smartphones. These are lenses that, when applied to the camera lens, allow you to convert the focal length into a fisheye, ultra-wide, telephoto, and macro. My favorites are the Moment Phone Lenses.

11. A dented suitcase

Gifts for “out of order” travelers.
“Handle without care” reads the slogan, these are the only suitcases for which we can not worry about damaged luggage. Crash Baggage, the name says it all.

12. Store&Go lunchbox with travel utensils

Gifts for independent travelers.

The Store&Go lunchbox with travel utensils is one of the most convenient things when embarking on an adventure. It’s designed for those who don’t mind when the destination is remote, and for those who adapt when the situation requires it. For the physically and mentally athletic, hikers, adventurers.

13. USB charging station

Gifts for caring travelers.

It often happens that when traveling we can’t find enough outlets to connect our various devices. The USB charging station is very useful for connecting multiple devices to a single outlet at the same time, smartphones, cameras, tablets… and letting go of worries.

14. Travel hair dryer

The gift for travelers who don’t compromise on style.

Ghd Flight® is the professional travel hair dryer from Ghd: lightweight, and compact but at the same time super powerful and with universal voltage, the ideal gift to always be on the safe side. Once you try it, you can’t leave without it.

15. Travel beauty case

The gift for practical travelers.

Cases and beauty cases are essential when traveling to have everything with you at all times. I always keep it ready with everything I use daily and when it’s time to leave, I slip it into my suitcase, so I’m sure not to forget anything. I find the Toilet paper Loves Seletti line exceptional.


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