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Travel restrictions in Canada

Travel restrictions in Canada

The coronavirus and eTA Canada

“From October 1st, 2022, all measures related to the coronavirus for travel to Canada have been lifted. Starting from this date, international travelers going to Canada no longer need to show a vaccine certificate or a Covid-19 test result. However, the Canada eTA remains mandatory for a vacation or business trip to the North American country.”

Can I travel to Canada?

“Based on Italian regulations and current travel advice, travel to Canada is allowed without any particular reasons. Now, travel to Canada is allowed again, both for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers, regardless of their age. Additionally, travelers are not required to undergo a Covid-19 test before departure or after arrival.

Don’t know exactly when you want to travel to Canada? In that case, you can already apply for a Canada eTA. The eTA is valid for 5 years, so you still have plenty of time to plan a trip after receiving it.”

The course of the coronavirus pandemic in Canada

“Just like most other countries, Canada also had to face the pandemic caused by the coronavirus in early 2020. Since the beginning, several strict measures have been taken to counter the spread of the coronavirus. Schools, non-essential shops, and other public facilities have been closed, gatherings have been banned, and travel restrictions have been introduced. The borders were immediately closed to foreigners, making entry into the country possible only in exceptional cases.

In December 2020, the first vaccinations against the coronavirus were administered in Canada, and by September 2021, 80% of the population had already been fully vaccinated. Partly thanks to the success of the vaccination campaign, the autumn 2021 wave was less severe than expected by many experts. Although the delta and omicron variants have infected more people than previous variants of the coronavirus, the consequences for public health have been less severe.”

Gradual easing of travel restrictions in Canada

“In January 2021, it was announced that travel to Canada would again be possible for everyone. However, strict measures had to be followed, such as undergoing a PCR test before departure and after arrival. In addition, travelers had to quarantine for two weeks after arrival.

Starting in November 2021, it became mandatory to present a vaccine certificate in addition to a Covid-19 test result to travel to Canada. Over time, entry restrictions related to the coronavirus have gradually been eased. In April 2022, the requirement for a Covid-19 test before departure was abolished for fully vaccinated travelers. In September 2022, it was then announced that from October 1st, all measures related to the coronavirus for incoming travelers would be revoked, regardless of vaccination status. However, the requirement to apply for an eTA or visa before departure remains in place.”

All coronavirus-related entry restrictions lifted

“If you wish to travel to Canada after October 1st, 2022, you will no longer have to present a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid-19 test result. In addition, there is no longer the possibility that upon arrival in Canada, you will be randomly selected for a Covid-19 test. The ArriveCAN application will continue to exist, but it will no longer be mandatory for foreign travelers to use it.”

Apply for your Canada eTA

“Despite the relaxation of measures related to the coronavirus in Canada, the requirement for a Canada eTA remains mandatory. Anyone traveling to Canada with an eTA must still meet the requirements of the Canada eTA. Also, consider the validity of the eTA, so you know exactly when and for how long you can stay in Canada.”

If you are traveling to Canada for a stopover/transit only

“Do you want to continue your journey from Canada to the United States of America? For a long time, this was impossible due to the entry ban in the USA due to the coronavirus. Now the border is open again. Read about the measures to consider on the coronavirus page in the USA.”

Return to Italy

“In English, “From June 1, 2022, for entry or return to Italy from abroad, the Green Pass or another equivalent certification is no longer required. Italian travelers can therefore return to Italy from Canada without restrictions.

Disclaimer: The consequences of the coronavirus/COVID-19 are sometimes difficult to predict, so measures may change regularly. It is therefore not possible to guarantee that the information on this page is always complete and up to date. However, this page on travel with a Canada eTA will be regularly updated during and after the coronavirus pandemic.”


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