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We already have a lot of equipment and cameras that we always take with us when we travel. So far we have been transporting everything in our trolley. We’re considering getting our bag and asked Lennart how best to protect photo equipment and what we should look out for when buying a Travel Case for Camera bag.

Camera bag for travel: protect your crown jewels!

Anyone who travels has something to tell. For photographers, every picture tells its own story about the captured landscape, the successful snapshot, or the meaningful portrait. The viewer of a photograph often forgets how much work is behind each picture. Also, the equipment that the photographer needs to be at his finest you don’t see pictures coming. “You can only deliver the best work with the best tools.” What the craftsman knows also applies to the photographer. Whether hobby photographer or journalist: the equipment is what matters. It, therefore, needs to be protected particularly well when traveling.

When looking for a suitable camera bag, the “individuality” factor plays the most important role. No matter whether it is made of the most robust material or a particularly practical one If you don’t like the overall impression of the bag, you should choose another model. After all, the selection of photo bags, which also cut a fine figure when traveling, is so large that you are sure to find a suitable copy of best camera sling bag.

For most travelers who regularly discover new cities, explore foreign countries and their nature on adventure trips, or go on long backpacking tours with a backpack.

If you want to mingle with the locals, the following basic characteristics of a camera bag play an important role:

.Transport – It should be easy to transport
.Security – It should safely protect the expensive photographic equipment
.Dimensions – It should be compact enough to fit on the plane as hand luggage

In this article, I will go into the transport, security, and dimensions of three particularly popular camera luggage that are very suitable for travel.

Easy transportation:

Every traveler has a different idea of ​​what light transport means. When assessing trans-portability, consideration of the individual application is of the utmost importance. Put simply, this means that the transport properties of the camera bag should match your travel plans.


When equipment worth hundreds or even thousands of euros is being transported, its safety is paramount. The security level of a camera bag can result from both the integrity of the technical equipment and the protection against unauthorized access. A secure camera bag protects both aspects.


The official dimensions of hand luggage are limited and are determined individually by each airline. The smallest common denominator can be the dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm listed, which are also used by the supposedly stricter low-cost airlines Ryan air and Vueling. For most camera bags, meeting this hurdle is not a problem.

The most popular travel camera bags

If we put these three important characteristics in context with the most popular options for transporting photo equipment (photo backpack, photo case, and shoulder bag), the result is the following rating:

Photo backpacks

The photo backpack is light, offers a lot of space, and is very versatile. Thanks to its padded carrying system, similar to a slimmed-down hiking backpack, it can be transported effortlessly over all the impasses of the journey. Especially on uneven ground and over long distances, the photo backpack beats the other two options better. Lying close to your body, you hardly feel the weight of your photo equipment and you have both hands free, so that your next picture is always ready to shoot, even when you are on the go. But beware: The risk of back wetness increases exponentially when carrying a backpack!

Safety concerns are the order of the day with a photo backpack. Many porters fear the risk of their equipment being stolen while unsuspectingly enjoying a leisurely sightseeing tour. After all, valuable electronic items can be reached almost unnoticed by a thief in just a few steps when the backpack is being carried on the back. To alleviate this concern, some manufacturers also offer photo backpacks with back-facing access.

In terms of the dimensions of the backpacks, you will find a wide range when browsing, almost all of which are suitable for hand luggage. When looking for a photo backpack, you should consider how many cameras, lenses, and other accessories you want to take with you.

Conclusion: Easy to transport and versatile in use. The photo backpack is the all-around talent among camera bags that is suitable for many trips. Using back-facing access to the main compartment, thieves can be kept away and the journey can be relaxed. If you are looking for a special overview of some popular photo backpacks, you will find.

Photo case

Photo cases are offered in different versions. You can choose between boxy carrying cases, mostly with an aluminum frame, and those that can be transported with the help of wheels like a normal trolley. The latter is now offered by all well-known manufacturers and looks like an ordinary piece of luggage. Despite the unobtrusive exterior, photo cases weigh the most compared to other camera bags.

In turn, they at least partially compensate for the higher weight with their wheels and their extendable handles: the trolley cases are easiest to move on level surfaces move. However, even the fairly large wheels cannot make much difference over cobblestones or other larger obstacles. As soon as the ground becomes uneven, the rollers can get caught and shake the equipment vigorously.

In terms of security, however, photo cases are convincing through and through. The outer shell is strong and protects the inside more than the thin outer fabric of a backpack or shoulder bag ever could. At the same time, you can lock the main compartment of a photo case with just one lock, which is often even integrated into the shell. The quality of the internal padding that will hold your gear in place can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to do your research before making your purchase. Compliance with the hand luggage dimensions is not a hurdle for most photo cases. They are usually designed precisely based on these limits to offer photographers the opportunity to take their equipment with them safely, even across national borders.

Conclusion: safe and stable but difficult over rough terrain. Photo cases are certainly intended for safe, professional use. Ideal for city trips and the protection of equipment in the high-price segment.

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are a nice touch, especially for carrying small gear. All shoulder bags are carried using a shoulder strap that is placed over the shoulder. Although such bags may appear light-heated at first, they distribute the load unevenly, which can make long-haul transport tedious, especially when fully loaded. Concerning the security of the bag, the situation is similar to that of a rucksack, unless the bag is carried on the side or front to always have an eye on it. Due to its size, it is suitable as an addition to another piece of hand luggage and can even be taken into the aircraft cabin as a “personal item” on many airlines.

Conclusion: Compact and agile, but a little small and limited in the long run. Buying a backpack or suitcase for small pieces of equipment is usually not worthwhile. Therefore, shoulder bags are a welcome alternative, in which a camera and several lenses, and the right accessories can be accommodated.

My conclusion

Everyone has their camera bag for traveling! Whether for owners of a Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Leica, or Olympus camera. Whether for climbing, diving, hiking, mountain biking, or for a short city visit. There are enough hand luggage-compatible photo bags that will meet your needs exactly. Protect your equipment according to the individual conditions you find on site. This way you can bring your camera and accessories home safely and you can experience your holiday a second time with family and friends.

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